On any given day, you can go to Gas Works park in Seattle, WA and you can enjoy a nice view of the city, seaplanes arriving onto the lake, and a peaceful environment. Right across from Gas Works, is Grassworks Digital a software company. What was once a software company for the auto industry saw themselves gaining relationships in the cannabis industry pretty quickly and effortlessly. That’s where we found Christian Coomer, the Lead Software Developer there. We learned they’re automating menus from live inventory data for stores, and Christian’s the developer behind it.

   Christian’s been building websites since reading an eight-page tutorial 20 years ago. He’s grew up in Yakima, Washington for about a decade, and has been bouncing around ever since. “The pacific northwest is my home” he says, so he keeps coming back. At Grassworks Digital, Christian tackles the problems he wants solved. Currently, he spends a lot of time on Simple Marijuana Menu. It’s an innovative technology that tracks your inventory, point-of-sale, and all your technology. This means you can have a live up-to-date menu only updating as transactions happen at the store. Christian says they spend time in shops running experiments, observing, and gathering feedback to make their products better. “Our mission is to provide the best tools for cannabis retailers to grow their businesses and keep their customers happy.” That’s why they spend time with the people using their tools directly. He’s a great example of passion meets cannabis. Christian says the team’s  investing a lot of energy right now into their menu software. They’re goal is to optimize it to a point where it can be easily adaptable by clients in other states with their own sets of regulation.

  I couldn’t resist asking him about his favorite products. He didn’t divulge in a favorite brand, but was quick to say “sativas”. Christian packs as much outdoor adventure as possible into every day and believes “steep hills build character.” I inquired more. He’s in love with bicycles. He finds ways to keep himself busy. He’s even developed a personal app to track his favorite strains. It’ll be fun to keep on eye on his developments for this tool over the next several months.

Jesus Diaz is the Executive Editor of Cannabis Entrepreneur Magazine. A leader and visionary by nature, you'll find him investing time into projects and people that align with his world vision. Jesus Diaz is on a mission to make the world a better place through community development, entrepreneurial ventures, and mentorship relations.