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Good to Great for Humans – 10 tips to Increase Happiness by at least 20%


This post was originally published on Linkedin by Michael Mayes of Quantum9

Like most people that are successful, you are probably looking for ways to become more successful. This article outlines a few lessons I have learned on my journey of self-improvement to increase my happiness by at least 20%. I’m a cannabis consultant so many tips include cannabis related topics.

Work ethic: You gotta wake up every morning and want it. I’m assuming you love what you do. If you don’t love what you do quit and get on the path that aligns with your annual income goals but also aligns with you happiness goals. You might need to climb through glass to get there but it is the right thing to do. It usually has to get very bad before it gets better.

Work-life Balance: If you do in fact love what you do it is hard to turn it off. Try to plan one epic trip to another country a year. Get away for at least 10 days. Allow only 1-2 hour tops of work a day. If you are like me it’s very tough to stop working. The time away will open so many doors and allow your mind to have amazing ideas. Take way too many pictures and post to your social media, take pride in getting away, encouragement from friends and family positively reinforces these trips.

Meditation: If you are looking to make your life 10% better or bring your happiness level up 10%, meditate. I suggest downloading Headspace or another guided meditation app. Crawl before you walk, start with 10 minutes and go up from there. Consuming a cannabis strain like Skywalker OG prior to meditation can put your mind in the right mind frame.

Reading Books: To keep your vocabulary on level pro you have to read. If you are looking for books to buy, start with Tim Ferriss Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers. This book is amazing, he takes all the best podcasts and information from all his books. Tim Ferriss interviews everyone from Elon Musk to Kaskade. A great way to read without reading is Audio books. I suggest downloading Audiable. I read a few chapter then listen to few audio book chapters then back and forth. I get through the book way faster. It nice to hear the author read his writing to get his tone and voice. Tony Robbin’s new book Unshakablehelps set the tone and speed of his writing. My two recommended cannabis books at Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growers Handbook and Beyond Buds.

Podcasts: Another great way to get information without actually reading is listening to podcasts. I recommend TedHow I Built This and The Art of Charm. If you are looking for a cannabis podcast I suggest Cannainsider.

Partners: This doesn’t have to be a significant other but it needs to be someone that you can share your experiences both professionally and personally with. Ideally, this person is outside of the job but a true ride to die is anyone that shares in these experiences and adds positively to your life.

Working Out: If you have never worked work before just start with walking on the treadmill and a nice and easy speed for 5 mins then upgrade to 10 then 20 then 30. I usually do stretching after then some yoga. This is another way to increase your happiness by 10%. If you meditate and work out you can increase your happiness by 20%. When I’m walking on the treadmill I’ll often listen to a podcast or an audio book, two birds one stone. I find it easier to wake up earlier and work out opposed to working out after work, I have trouble sleeping after a great gym session. It’s best to take on a fresh day with all the great positive energy. If possible, on your stretching days I suggest consuming the cannabis strain, Sour Diesel.

Watch the News: I like watching CNN for entertainment value but BBC is the best for unbiased international news. This is just my opinion, the goal is to stay up to date on current events. This can also be accomplished by reading the paper or getting an e-blast like the Daily Skimm. For current cannabis news, I suggest the daily e-blast from Marijuana Business Daily. LinkedIn now has a Daily Rundown that highlights all the important news happening based on your profile and industry. Download the LinkedIn app on your phone and this will show up on your notifications.

Set Goals: If you are trying to be better in life you have to set personal and professional goals. December is a great time to plan your goals for the following year. No matter what you do in life it can be tracked and quantified, strive to do better and push yourself. I personally have savings goals aka Stacking chips aka putting money in the war chest. The war chest is a one-way entry, no exits. The money you put in there you never touch. When tracking nutrition and work outs the MyFitnessPal app is a great way to track goals and progress.

Smoke Cannabis: I can’t advocate enough the difference consuming cannabis makes in my life. I vape, smoke, eat and use cannabis topicals. It helps with stress, anxiety, bad moods, negative thought, karma, pain, inflammation, my chi, and pretty much everything. Since we have already hit my promised 20%, I’m giving this one just in case. Cannabis makes me 5% happier in life.

In conclusion, none of these ten tips are new and I’m going out on a limb with the percentages. Just trust me when I say it is worth a try and see what happens. It is highly unlikely these things will make you less happy.


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