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Entrepreneurial Fitness Elevate Workouts & Business


As an entrepreneur, time is extremely valuable to me. My health is also one of my top most priorities outside of creating a successful life and business. Being aware that a fitness routine is essential to keeping your mental and physical self in check is extremely important, and how you fit your wellness and fitness activities into your business life matter. I know plenty of people who find it very difficult to establish a balance between building a business and having the follow through to commit the same energy you do into your business into your body. A solution I’ve found is to be a part of a private athletic club where you can do business and fitness in one place. Here are my top 5 reasons to bring fitness into your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Keep a Routine
Just like scheduling out time for meetings, networking events, and phone calls, if you don’t set aside time for it, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and become unproductive with your time. Each person is different, for example maybe you only schedule meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving Monday Wednesday and Friday your time in the office. Some people, like the famous social media entrepreneur Gary V, don’t take calls before a certain time every morning. Setting boundaries for yourself and separating business and personal time will help get more done professionally and personally.

Attending regular fitness classes are a great way to get yourself into a routine, plus having others in the class will help keep you accountable to actually stick to your schedule. You never know where you’ll find your next opportunity.

Get up Early, and Get it Done
If you’re like me, it’s really hard for me to hit the gym after work. Either I have meetings that run late, social engagements after work, or I’m comfy at home and it takes that much more effort for me to go to the gym. Getting my butt up early, still sleepy, and dragging my way to the treadmill is hard at first, but the I’ve come to enjoy having the mornings to myself. It’s before texts and phone calls, and I force myself to not check email until I’m beginning my work day. You’ll get the natural endorphins from exercise, be more alert, and you can focus on the rest of your day without the burden of having to exercise later. You’ll be able to be more flexible and still have you time if your schedule tends to stray as the day continues.

Unexpected Opportunities
You’ll be surprised as a cannabis entrepreneur how curious even the most unsuspecting person is about the cannabis industry. At a private club many of the members are executives, VPs, or business owners themselves. Being able to interact with other business-minded people, especially in a space where you’re not thinking about business, brings unexpected opportunities and connections. From insights from other industries to potential future clients or investors, you’ll never know unless you

Bring Social into Fitness
Finding ways to multitask is another great way to fit in your fitness while spending time with your loved ones. It could be as simple as weekly soccer night at the park with the kids, or joining a basketball league with a couple friends. The private club I joined has a lot of club sports and pickup games. As an entrepreneur with a different schedule than most 9-5 employees, it can be difficult to build and keep lasting relationships. Joining a league can help bring everyone together and keep your network strong.

Free Your Mind
Making sure you take the time for yourself allows the magic of our brain to do its thing. Those engenius shower ideas happen for a reason, and allowing the time for your brain to get distracted clears up your mind to be more sharp, creative, and intuitive with what your day has ahead.

Getting started with a fitness routine while an already busy entrepreneur is the hardest part, but being an entrepreneur, we know that nothing great comes quickly. Enjoy the journey and keep positive, you’re on the way to a healthy you personally and professionally.


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