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How To Talk About The Industry


Those of us who are in legal states have it easy compared to states that are new to legalization or just starting out in the medical/decriminalization route. But even so, you may have family members or friends who do not see the cannabis industry the same as you do, or your assume so. Here are a few ways to open up about what you do for a living without the other putting up a wall.

Talk about it at another angle

Being at the forefront of the cannabis industry in your state is a lot to be proud of. But you’re also a business owner, product manufacturer, employer, or inventor. There are many aspects of what you do to lead with besides working in the industry. Of course, depending on the person you’re talking to, going super science may be just as much of a turn off, but if you already have an idea about what they’re into, it will help camouflage in the situation. For example, instead of saying ‘I have an indoor weed grow’ introducing it in a way like ‘I manage/own a facility with 25 employees.’ The latter suggests other areas of conversation such as ‘what do your employees do? Or ‘What kind of facility?’ which can evolve into a conversation about cannabis. Say in this example you say ‘An urban garden,’ it’s intriguing to ask a question like ‘what does that mean?’ or ‘what equipment do you use?’ over being very specific on what you’re growing. If you’re in a medical market, you can position yourself to supply alternative remedies for aches and pains up to seizures.

Focus on the business

Maybe you’re in startup mode, or working on hiring that 2nd employee, or expanding into a new market. These are very exciting moments in your business and should be shared! This would be a great option to introduce what you do in a more social setting. Many times it’s a place for small talk, and people are likely to ask ‘so how’s your work?’ more so than ‘what do you do?’ Try starting with your title and share what current issue you’re dealing with, without ranting about your frustrations. Or share a funny story or an interesting event that sheds light upon what you do without feeling like you have to go into extreme detail. You never know, when you put the energy out there, it’s more likely that it may come true, or you’ll find a way closer to your goal.

Segway into cannabis

If you want to test the waters, or you’re in an environment more open to cannabis, try the first two suggestions and segway into talking about cannabis. One way is to bring up cannabis in casual conversation, just like how you talk about cannabis with your employees. It’s a business after all, and professionalism is what differentiates cannapreneurs and those who want a cannabis spotlight. Bringing up cannabis just like a scientist brings up formulas or processes, shows how serious and what level of respect you have for your business, which is impressive in itself. Sometimes it’s hard to see the great in all that you do, because you’re working on it every day. Take a social gathering as a chance to reflect upon what you’ve been doing, and take in some well deserved credit.

Find ways they can relate

If they’re close friends or relatives, you probably have a pretty decent back story about who you’re talking to. So take advantage of that and wait until they mention, or if it’s not personal ask about it yourself. But don’t be too intrusive, or demanding. Remember the goal at hand, have a genuine helpful conversation how cannabis can benefit them. Be more resourceful, and guide them to sites or studies they can learn for themselves. One of the best ways I’ve found to introduce cannabis products to people suffering from joint pain or arthritis. Many people are looking for remedies without side effects, and if it works for them they’ll be sold on its remedy, and in turn have a positive light on the cannabis industry. I feel that once someone finds a reason why cannabis helps them, if it’s for sleep, anxiety, aches and pains, they’ll be much more open to what you do and what the industry as a whole is trying to accomplish.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be proud of what you’re doing and how you’re changing our world, but to understand your position in situations are crucial to bringing people on board, and not creating enemies. In my opinion, the smart way to go about talking about your business in the cannabis industry is to understand who you’re talking to, find unique angles to present it, and most importantly spark interest in what you do so they become a fan, not a negative Nancy to what you do.


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