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Leadership In A Cannabis Environment


Leadership in an organization is the most important thing that positions of authority need to strive for. Leadership instills the proper balance of motivation and inspiration for the company, and leadership in a startup is rather different than leadership in an established organization. I’d like to start off by saying leadership comes in all shapes and forms, and there is never one perfect way. However, there are some pretty good rules and methods to follow that define what decent leadership may look like and what leadership that needs improvement may be like.

In a startup environment, staff members tend to wear multiple hats, teams are small, and operations are very personable. It’s easy to forget you’re building with partners and employees and not your best friends. You’re building a business, not a family, so it’s important to treat it like one. Whether it’s the president, manager, or executive officer, leadership needs clear guidelines and ambitions to strive for to guide to company to success. Organizations take on the personality of their leaders. If you want your start-up team members to rise to your expectations, you’re going to have to lead by example. This means having strong rules for how leadership behaves around employees and how motivation is instilled in recruits to follow through with the company mission.

Great leaders devote time to team development. It enhances the relationships amongst the team members, and it makes them more unified and therefore stronger. One of the great things about great leaders is they allow people to become better humans and therefore better employees. The development they do in their personal also become development for the company. Team development in a company setting is traditionally fairly stale. Good leaders have to go the extra mile to develop intimate experiences that reflect with the personalities of the team. It’s the little things that will get your team members to become more loyal and devoted to the company mission.

Leadership knows how to communicate with all types of personality. They understand not everyone communicates and thinks the same way. Therefore, they strive to learn the personality of their team members to better create the environments which will allow them to communicate their ideas and feedback fully. The last thing you want to have going in your company is not getting the full feedback from everyone who’s contributing to your growth and success. There could be many thing inside of that person that could be instantly perpetuate the company value. It’s the responsibility of the leader to bring that flower to blossom.

Leaders move the business forward, and that’s a big focus. Whether it’s getting new revenue in the doors or some support capital. They make sure their team have the proper resources to keep the machine churning. Action is the key to success, and therefore, leaders are constantly assessing the progress towards goals and taking the necessary action to make the goals happen. Team members struggle in an environment where they don’t feel comfortable to execute their responsibilities, and that hurts your business big time. Keep a strong focus on eliminating anything that gets in the way of your company’s growth.

Leaders put their team first. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure everything is on track for the business. If they have to come in early, they’ll be thrilled. If they have to stay late, they’ll shuffle their time to keep the business on track. It’s this type of activity that will motivate team members to also go above and beyond for the team. After all, you can’t really expect people to rally behind someone who can’t seem to manage everything and have amazing business super powers.

Leaders cultivate other leaders. They find what inspires other leaders, and they’ll keep creating a structure and an environment to see those people thrive. They provide the proper training and education for team members to enhance their skills and become the leaders the company needs. Great leaders understand that leadership positions require to ask one to make bold requests and meaningful results.

Being a leader is something that you learn on the job, and unfortunately, it’s also something you can’t necessarily fake or learn overnight. There’s a lot of trial and error that one has to go through. You need to learn how to deal with personally management, and motivational environment structures. To be truly successful at it, you have to be a person who truly believes and is passionate about the sport of leadership. If it was easy, everyone would do it.


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