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Marco Hoffman: Peace, Love, Cannabis


Marco Hoffman has spent the last 10 years in the cannabis industry advocating nationally for the legalization and regulation of cannabis consumption and cannabis–infused products. As the Founder and CEO of Evergreen Herbal, Washington State’s second largest manufacturer and processor of cannabis-infused beverages, candy and chocolate, Hoffman’s track record as a cannabis entrepreneur is proven.

Better known for it’s branded products than for its corporate name, Evergreen Herbal produces a wide array of consumables including The 4.20 Bar, Sinners & Saints candy, Ruby Sugar, HIGHDRATE, a line of cannabis-infused juice based beverages, as well as Stone Cold Soda, a line of cannabis-infused nostalgic, carbonated soda flavors.

Hoffman’s ten-year journey in the cannabis industry came about when a close relative was diagnosed with cancer. “Once I witnessed firsthand the dramatic benefits cannabis offered, I decided to immerse myself fully into the industry, quickly becoming an advocate for the legalization and regulation of high quality cannabis-infused products.”

Since, Hoffman has seen firsthand the healing benefits of the cannabis plant as well as its safe consumption in many forms. Starting out in the California medical market he understood that many cannabis consumers did not or could not smoke to obtain their THC and/or CBD – but rather, had to ingest their cannabis instead via edibles, teas, beverages, tinctures and other forms.

In 2012, Hoffman saw the opportunity in Washington State with the passing of the i502 regulation legalizing recreational cannabis products for adult use. He packed up his Los Angeles facility and moved to a large food processing plant in SODO, Seattle’s industrial district just south of downtown.

In the new facility, he has been consistently setting a high bar to product quality which has helped the company maintain a competitive advantage over other cannabis businesses for the last few years. Evergreen Herbal is a company that is normally spotted on the top of the charts month after month on platforms like 502data.com.

Over the last five years, Hoffman has built a team of fifty plus subject matter experts ranging from herbalists to chemists & lab technicians to pastry chefs and dessert specialists to marketing madmen who have all helped him shape and form the multitude of cannabis-infused, consumable brands that exist under the Evergreen Herbal umbrella today. It’s no secret teamwork makes the dreamwork, and Evergreen Herbal is a team that exemplifies that.

Evergreen Herbal creates a world where cannabis can be consumed in a spirit of wellness, freedom and fun by providing consumers with access to delicious, healthy and reliable cannabis products. “We are committed to collaborating with fellow industry leaders, researchers, policy makers and advocates to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone. From our pure, zero-additive vape oil to our decadent dark chocolate bars, we are all about deliciousness. Plus, our products are made with local ingredients and natural colors and flavors whenever possible.”

What you see is what you get. Evergreen Herbal submits all of their products to third-party testing facilities ensuring consistent cannabinoid content in each and every batch. Their cannabis is tested at multiple stages during extraction and manufacturing to ensure elimination of residual solvents, pesticides and microbials.

Hoffman has a confident understanding of the industry’s topography. His influence as an activist and CEO gives Evergreen Herbal the opportunity to challenge attitudes about cannabis by creating unique product offerings that engage consumers on both emotional and functional planes. “Transforming perspectives and breaking down stereotypes, is one of the most exciting parts of my job.”

For other cannapreneurs looking to get involved in the cannabis space, Hoffman’s piece of advice is to not be afraid to step out of the corporate environment or fear the stigma associated with cannabis. “The industry is starving for intelligent, hardworking and motivated people.” Lastly he reiterates, “No matter your background or experience, everyone has something to contribute to the fight to legalize cannabis.”


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