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Want to get featured on Cannabis Entrepreneur Magazine?


If you’re a cannabis business owner, visionary, or an overall allstar, you could be featured as a Cannapreneur. Here is some general information:
  1. Are you a serious cannabis entrepreneur? Meaning: Do you have at least 1 established cannabis business operating successfully for at least 12 months? Have you created opportunities for other people? Do you have a strong business affiliate network in the cannabis industry?
  2. Are you interested in becoming a cannabis entrepreneur? Meaning: You’re about to start your business in the cannabis sector. We’re always here to help the up and coming startups, and would love to learn more about what you’re doing to disrupt the industry.
If you’re an upper staff member of a cannabis business, you could be a featured Cannasseur.
  1. We love the entrepreneurs taking risks and creating opportunities for everyone who’s interested in the cannabis industry, but we need to give huge credit to those troopers who come in early, stay up late, and sacrifice weekends to support the visionaries building a cannabis business.
  2. Are you someone or do you know someone who fits the description? Please use the form below and submit the proper information for us to get started.
Fast track your feature:
  1. Participate as a contributor and support our programming with your knowledge, experience, and education. Click here to learn more.
  2. Participate in our podcast by introducing yourself to our community and returning to future topic discussions with our host and other possible entrepreneurs. Use the form below to get started.
  3. Consider an advertorial. If a feature is that valuable to you, an advertorial program will get you better results. In here, an advertorial is a marination of a feature and an advertisement. You get an opportunity to learn how sponsored content works, and how beautifully it can impact your bottom line results. Click here to learn more.