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Friend has sex with my wife

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Friend has sex with my wife I Am Searching Adult Dating

Enter more details. About a month ago my husband woke up and asked me how I would feel about having sex with him and his best friend My husband and I have been together for 6 years and married for 1. We were high school sweet hearts.

Frienc sex life is great and we are very comfortable with each. When my husband asked me that question I didn't give him an answer because I was afraid I would say the wrong thing.

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About two weeks ago my husband and I were having sex I and I told him "I wish we had someone else with us" he friend has sex with my wife said "why don't we go to his friends house" I never said his name or anything he's the one that brought up going over.

We never did but now that we didn't I kinda wish we. I really want to bring griend up again but I don't want to lochmere New Hampshire chat rooms or make him think that I want to just have sex with his best friend.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

I’m having great sex with my husband’s friend after we all had a threesome

Respond to Anonymous: Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Most people around here are not going to warn you that this may be a source of a lot of trouble for you. Have you thought this through and fully discussed.

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Like, how is he and his bestie going to interact, is there something bi here? What exactly is going to happen? Are they going to take turns, spit roast you, or double penetrate you? Since he suggested it, why did he suggest it? Is he into some type of cuckhold fetish, is he turned on by watching you have sex, is he looking for some act which requires another dick?

After fantasy is one friend has sex with my wife, and reality.

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Is he worried that you are going to like his bestie better than him? After all sex with him is all you have had for 6 years, and anybody new will have some appeal at this point.

Also is he going to request a FFM threesome next? After all fair is fair, and you may feel pressured to do it. This would allow him to sleep with other women, without cheating.

Friend has sex with my wife do you want? You seem to want a different dick, is going back to just your husband after, ok? Or are you aex to have sex with other men without cheating. Does this bestie know? What has your husband discussed with him? How does his bestie fuck my wife Nuriootpa Would not be the first husband to get upset with you enjoying a better looking or bigger dicked friend.

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Feiend ways this can go wrong are many, so you better be very honest with your husband and he with you. But let's face it, you really want to do this, right? Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

This reply was removed by a moderator. Mursh Send a private message. In any relations, truthfulness is important. If your husband is really telling you the truth that he only wants you to give his best friend a blowjob, then you can have a go.

But remember "one thing leads to another". You may want few more things later on: Intercourse with the bestie 2. Double penetration 3.

Engage him for full sex 2. He may become myy about bisexuality 3. He may ask for FFM Remember, we all have fantasies whether we admit it or not.

If you and your partner really want to fulfil fantasies into reality, then you both need to be honest about this kind large breasted beauties "dishonesty". It's arguable that agreed threesome and foursomes with your partner is better than cheating your partner. Sometimes one partner's refusal to threesome leads to unfaithfulness.

So, it's difficult. wiff

Is It Okay for My Wife To Have a Guy Friend?

Communication and truthfulness is vital in a situation like. George Send a private message. I personally wouldn't want to share my WIFE frriend anyone. That's crazy. He could be down low and wants to check out his friend.

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He could have a fetish. That's not something a reasonable person in a committed relationship would just come up. Subtleyetobvious Send a private message. Ask your hubby why he brought it up.

Maybe he was testing you But be sure to mention that maybe having his best friend as the third is not the smartest move, that maybe the two of you leaving town and finding a stranger who could be used and left behind forever would make more sense. friend has sex with my wife

Friend has sex with my wife I Look Teen Fuck

Talk to. If you and him cannot discuss this without making him mad, casuing a fight or bad feelings, maybe actually doing something like this is not in the best interest of your marriage. JagJones Send a private message. A very interesting topic. Sex and love can be very diifferent and my wife and I have no trouble in separating the two.

We were in a young group of married friends and as in most groups of friends there was already friend has sex with my wife fair bit infedillity going on behind each others backs and this sort of behavior was and still is rife in in the subburbs. One night in bed wwife part of foreplay our pillow talk moved to wiife threesoms and swinging. This spiced up our love making and for weeks we mentioned and suggested different friends or people to share.

We narrowed down our list of contenders but made no effort to invite or even mention it. Months down the track these friends inited us round for a pool party and B. The party got a bit wild and topless and nude people were frolicing in the pool and just having a great time. The night came to an end and we stayed back to help clean up. Now it's 3 am and horny house wives search horny teen all fall in a heap on the lounge room floor and it wasn't long before our friends spoke to us about their desire to have a foursom with us.

It was a mind blowing experience that I'm so glad we took part in. We are wifr our friend has sex with my wife 60's now friend has sex with my wife still play. It's not for all and some of the people we played with separated but then so have as many couples I know that haven't played the game but still separated.

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Your relationship must be sound and honesty is a must but remember, it is still a gamble. We still friend has sex with my wife an active sex life and still share partners and couples as the excitement of a new love is the best sex. Edited on September 30, at Obxfantasy Send a private message. Been. I asked my wife about it. After that, I made wihh happen. I invited my best friend. Told him to text me friennd he was close.

He did. Transsexual escorts birmingham started stripping her on the living room couch.

By the time he walked in, we were completely naked. When my friend saw us, and tried to turn to leave, I told him to stay, come join us. He was. I kept rubbing her, spread her legs, and told him to whip it. And as he walked up to the couch, he was at her face level.