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How to make your wife dominant I Am Want Couples

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How to make your wife dominant

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Thank you. Posted by Hannah Jay at Newer Post Older Post Home.

How to make them use you the way you want to be used? Here are five tips on how to get your partner to bring out the handcuffs and spanking paddle.

Sometimes we expect youd partners to be able to read our minds, which is ludicrous. Think about it: Do you have that super power?

These are those forever-single guys who can sleep with two, three, four, or more women in rotation. These players go hot-and-cold on them: It drives women crazy. Of course, eventually the women get tired of the chase, end the relationship, and move on. And the player goes on to find another woman to add to her rotation.

In a way, Dread Game is a form of Mind Control. By manipulating these flaws, you control her behavior.

And by controlling her behavior, you control your relationship. But again, Dread Game may not even be the right technique for you.

Please use your best e-mail address when signing up. Ask her about her fantasies; better yet, tell her about yours.

And for God's sake, don't mention anything about her best friend, her sister, or butt plugs — at least younger teen chat right. You have to keep in mind that if she's hesitant to take control, it's because she's feeling timid about being dominant, or she might assume that that's not how to make your wife dominant you want you might think she's a skeezer.

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