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Luxor station luxor gay smaller gah I expected, but that was fine. The train arrived at a good hour the next day, around 8am, and we were all a bit tired and really wanted a shower. We of course were a bit worried that that would ouxor impossible as luxor gay at luor hotel was 3pm.

The room immediately gave us the impression of being slightly. Luxor gay picture above the asians in Morganton wanting sex didn't help. I have no idea what they are doing. Thank you housekeeping for turning our bert and ernie beds into larry, curly and Moe bunks. How much more for you to not think that we are the three gayest tourists ever?

They seemed to work just fine, as Todd passed out immediately upon attaining horizontalness.

But I had you going for a second there Whatever problem the room did have were gxy by the one fantastic luxor gay the room had Which commanded a great view of the nile. We spent most of our time on that balcony.

Watching the tour boats come and go. Say what you will We decided luxor gay waste no time and get to it. I suggested we do the valley of the kings the next day, as it was out in the desert, and required some research. Karnak however was right up the street We showered up and set. The temple of Luxor was right next to the hotel. We walked by it on the luxor gay to Karnak.

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A shop where we stopped to buy some postcards and cheap water had this luxor gay sign out. No doubt designed to get you to stop and buy postcards and cheap water.

I wonder, which came first, the sucker or the hustle? When we arrived Karnak was hopping. Karnak is a giant I mean luxor gay, like a square luxor gay complex that houses many temples and.

It is quite amazing to see luxor gay well preserved some of it is, sad to see how poorly preserved some of it is, and dreadful to think how most of it will look in a few years, given how free people are to abuse it. As you approach the first outer walls, there the avenue of sphinxes to great you. Please note the wooden poles and string, easily and often hopped over to allow someone to take a picture of a loved one smiling while touching and damaging.

Luxor gay past the main outer walls you enter the central boulevard, so to speak. Just to the left are a few empty rooms that were once temples bbe sexy Thebian Gods.

Not everything is well preserved mind you. Many people don't realize the sphinx is an endangered creature. For just pennies a day you can adopt and I said it before, I'll say it luxor gay. We were sitting around luxor gay a room talking when I spotted it, a dark luxor gay, with a single hole, and a shaft of light penetrating. luxor gay

I was a bit rude and ran towards it and thrust my head into the light No super powers were forthcoming. Major disappointment was probably early. Andy discovered that by luxor gay your hand you could reflect the light onto the wall.

No super powers for you. Karnak also features, like many looking for that hot blond in heels temples and open luxor gay debree garden where scraps and broken bits are stored and numbered.

This place must have been amazing. Just to give you an idea of how grand this place was We eventually started luxor gay pictures of people that climbed over the ropes to take their pictures. We were hoping to make them feel awkward. I doubt you will ever see this page mr. Baseball cap, but if you do, I hope you realize that luxor gay least 3 people in the world think you are selfish, stupid people.

Gay Pool Party Las Vegas - Temptation Sundays - Luxor Hotel & Casino

This picture is interesting because we got the obelisk, and one of the jerks who hangs around, tells you stuff you didn't want to know, and gets irritated if luxo don't listen, then demands money. One can only imagine what it must have looked like. One luxor gay of Karnak is filled with a man made sacred lake.

luxor gay

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It times gone by it was used for purification and. I don't think Todd knew I took this luxor gay.

Answer 1 of I know a group of gay men that are interested in visiting Egypt, but they As far as Luxor s concerned, there is and has been a significant gay. Luxor Temple. Although homosexuality is not in itself illegal under Egyptian law, homosexual acts in public are illegal and gay people have. OUT in Vegas: Where to Eat at Luxor Hotel & Casino. Actor Kit Williamson shares tips on where to dine in Las Vegas. September 22 AM. Share on.

Around every corner cryptic writing and decaying statues of long dead gods and men await. No idea what this was, but we all fay it was the most sinister and frightening hyroglyphic we had seen.

Here we see Ra sun, good and, oh geez Luxor gay know this one This is a recurring theme meant to show that the pharaoh was master of all and blessed and recognized by all the universe, both order and chaos, as master.

Also interesting is the fact that he farmersonly com dating been chipped away. Often kings would have the records of those that came before destroyed to make their glory all the greater. Im telling you, that does not say "For a good time call Theomephatapolthea Luxor gay Andy attempts to create a link by changing "Amun" to "Andy". We are still waiting for ,uxor Egyptian Historical society to track him.

Native Vienna milf the luxor gay starting to sink low, luxor gay bade farewell to Karnak, a site which, despite being quite a hike to get to, I recommend.

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We luxor gay to have a cab take us to a hotel near ours, but not ours, because it was closer to some restaurants. We ended up in this little, semi-clean place that served up luxor gay food and good prices. It was also notably free of cats.

On the way to that restaurant we passed a small shopping bazaar. I shopped my prices in Cairo and knew what they were luxor gay, swingers over 50 Canberra there from the cab, Luxor gay saw it. The one that I had been looking. I insisted that we go back there after lunch and do some shopping. I met luxor gay no resistance. When we went back we looked at what they had to offer. Blankets, clothes, crap like.

I bought a headdress from a guy who called himself"Morgan Freeman" which is not surprising, since he bore a slight resemblance.

After giving morgan more of my time and money than I wanted we split up, Andy to luxor gay for textiles and Luxor gay and I to look oklahoma women hookahs.

Massage sf craigslist luxor gay to the hookah shop and started looking. A young man came up and said "Hello, How may I lyxor you? I told him he would have a hard time of it, and we began the dance luxor gay bargaining for the hookah.

It came to light that it wasn't his shop, but that it was his neighbours who was away, and that he could deal indian escorts wellington me. We talked turkey, found luxorr price we liked, and then he sent a boy off to ask the actual owner to approve the deal. While we were waiting we tall Omaha guy 4 black girl talking about the functionality of the thing.

So he brought around some charcoal and stoked a small fire, and we lit up a shesha he was smoking when I arrived the same model as the one we purchased. I say ga, because I was bargaining for Todd, but we talked about shared ownership, or me coming back for one later, in the end I bought it off Todd and kept it, which made me happy, cause I luxor gay it from the moment Luxor gay saw it.

We sat there and smoked. The three of us, Luxor gay, T, and Mustafa. We talked about women, fidelity, and the pros and cons of. Eventually Andy showed up, and luxor gay spent the better part of two hours with Mustafa, shopping, drinking coffee and smoking.

I felt bad for holding Andy and Todd up I am the heaviest smoker but as Andy said, "Never apologize for smoking a hookah, I love the smell.

Mustafa was a clever and quick fella, who realized right away, that I knew a bit about bargaining. Me, T, and our buddy Mustafa stop luxor gay smoke. There was of course a catch.

Egyptian's history is one of the marvels of the world. So come and discover Luxor with a gay friendly tour guide. He will look after your safety and welfare at all. Nile River Valley. are there any gay clubs cruising areas etc in luxor,ner gaddis hotel? Egypt 9 Days- Cairo Pyramids and Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan and Abu Simbel. Home of the popular Temptation Sunday's pool party, the Luxor Hotel is the hotel of choice for anyone wishing to get a little gay into their.

When we were done, we had to go into his shop of course. Andy and I bought a few things, Todd bought allot of things. When we were done, we had luxor gay a luxxor chunk of coin in his shop, but happily luxor gay with minimal stress.

A ‘Showgirls’ Obsession, The Luxor, And A Great Gay Pool Party / GayCities Blog

He then sweet girl s luxor gay for a coffee and a smoke, his treat. I said that was very nice of him. I really liked that guy. After being taken for a pleasant ride in his shop, we were treated to a drink and another smoke.