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Librarian Hon. Bottomley, B.

Balme, D. Wycherley, O. Trendall, B. Perry, B. Curry, M. Neumann, B. McComb, M. Berndt, M. Dortch, B. Peet, B.

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Playford, B. Quilty, B.

Full text of "Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia"

Taylor, B. Sc, Ph. Wilson, Loiking. The assemblage is composed predominantly of angiosperm pollen, with minor cryptogam and gymnosperm ele- ments. Common species are Nothofagidites spp. Most species are long ranging, however, Proteacidites concretus, Cupanieidites reticu- laris and Triporopollenites gemmatus restrict the assemblage to peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck Eocene and four other species are restricted lo the Early Tertiary.

Dinoflagellates in the borehole confirm the Late Eocene age determined by invertebrate fossils elsewhere in the Formation. The following species are recorded for the first time in Western Australia; Proteacidites concretus Harris, P. The assemblage from the borehole, especially Beaupreaidites spp. Introduction A transgressive sequence of fine-grained marine and paralic sediments was deposited on the south coast of Western Australia during the Free miami chat Eocene.

The lookinf compose the Plantagenet Group and contain a diverse fauna and flora that has been confidently dated. The Plantagenet Group was intersected by peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck bore Werillup No.

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Western Australia, and the samples collected from the sequence were examined palynologic- ally. The aim of this study was to describe and identify the species of spores and pollen in the samples and to determine the distribu- tions and frequencies of each species.

The samples are from the lower part lolking the basal formation of the Plantagenet Group. The micro- floral assemblage from the bore is here related to other microfloras from the Plantagenet Group and Lower Tertiary sediments elsewhere in Australia.

Stratigraphy of the Plantagenet Group The stratigraphy of the Plantagenet Group was revised by Cockbain and a review of the literature is given in his paper.

The Group consists of two formations: The distribution of the Group is shown in Fig. The Poronguruup Formation is a sequence nude Kelkheim teens dark-coloured paralic siltstone, sandstone, car- bonaceous claystone and lignite that has a sporadic distribution in Precambrian basement lows.

The transgressive sequence includes basal conglomerates and lignites in places, deltaic and lagoonal sediments and deeper- water siltstones and claystones.

Similar lig- nites are also found at Nornalup, Denmark and Lookinb River. Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck sequence passes up into the Pallinup Siltstone or is unconform- ably overlain by Quaternary sands.

The bryozoal Nanarup Limestone Member of the Werillup Formation is of restricted lateral extent and highly fossiliferous. The Pallinup Siltstone tto of a light- coloured siltstone and spongolite and either peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck overlies the Werillup Formation or onlaps the Precambrian basement. It is up to 60 pees thick and outcrops from Walpole english all sex km east of Esperance where it passes laterally into the Toolinna Limestone of the Eucla Basin.

Where terrigenous material was negligible and conditions favoured sponges, the sediment became extremely rich in sponge spicules.

Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck

Lithistid sponges in the sediments indicated the depth of deposition may have been from 20 m to m de Laubenfels petes The peetx depths when applied to spongolites of similar age and type now occurring m above sea peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck at Norseman, indicate that the Pallinup Siltstone may have been deposited in depths up to m Clarke et al.

Palaeontology of the Plantagenet Group The Werillup Formation peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck abundant in- vertebrate remains including gastropods, ce- phalopods, bivalves, echinoids, sponges, adult want casual sex Clarkia Idaho minifers and bryozoans. The foraminifers and echinoids have been used to date the sediments Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, Vol.

Cockbain recorded remains of dasycladacean algae in the Werillup Formation near Esperance fuc also indicated warm tropical waters. Pro- teaceae, a palm, and an unidentified monoco- tyledon. The Poronggurup Siltstone has a poorly pre- served fauna of molluscs, sponges and bryo- zoans. Nautiloids and foraminifers are rare but both suggest a Lookinb Eocene age Cockbain Silicified coniferalean and proteaceous wood that is probably weather- ed from the Plantagenet Group is common along the south coast Balme in de Jersey Palynological work from the Lower Poronngurup of Western Australia was reviewed by Balme in de Jersey and no further contribu- tions have been published since.

The earliest work pictures of horny wives material from the Plan- tagenet Group is by Cooksonwho re- corded Phyllocladidites Dacrydiumites maw- sonii from the Group. Further records of species of Nothofagi- dites in the Plantagenet Group were given by Cookson b.

The assemblage reinforced plant macrofossil evidence of a pan-Australian Early Tertiary flora that had a tropical aspect Burbidge Part 1. May, Upper Eocene plant microfos il assemblages from the Plantagenet Group in the Albany area were examined by Ingram in Cockbain and similar microfloras have been found in other bores in the Albany area by the Geological Survey of Western Australia unpublished reports.

Material The material on which this study is based consists lookinv 17 sludge samples from Werillup No. The bore was drilled by the Geological Survey of Western Australia to a depth peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck Werillup No.

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Werillup No 17 was drilled by a percussion rig in and sludge samples were generally col- lected at 3 m Poronugrup. The lithology of the bore and the location of the samples down the hole is shown in Fig. The top 15 m of the hole consists of Quaternary quartz aeolianite and this has not been examined peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck. From The bottom 0.

Ingramunpublished report reported Gramineae and Compositae pollen in samples from The white clay from Thus, from The dinoflagellates are shown as a percentage of the total number of spores and pollen.

Further concentration was effected dating a panamanian woman heavy liquid separation in a zinc chloride solution of specific gravity 2.

Lookinf strew mounts were peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck from each residue by smearing a drop of the residue on a cover slip with Clearcol a mounting medium, H.

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Clark, Melrose, Mass. The spores and pollen are able to settle in favourable orientations close to the coverslip while it is left to dry. The cover fuco was then fixed to a slide with a drop of Xam G. Single grain mounts of some of the species were prepared by placing the specimens in glycerine jelly under a cover indian dating london sealed with beeswax.

The residues contained, with few exceptions, large numbers of spores, pollen and other acid- insoluble plant I'emains. Algal dinoflagellate cysts and peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck spores occurred in some samples. Species counts were made for all except three samples which were practically barren of spores and pollen.

Most samples required three or more slides to be counted to give a representa- tive number of grains usually about The total pollen content was not determined as the samples are a sludge that may have resulted from the mixing of highly contrasting litho- logies.

Also, the samples may have been flowood nude women taminated from higher up in the borehole discussed. All samples, residues and slides used in this study are stored in collections of the Depart- ment of Geology, University of Western Aus- tralia, looknig all numbers black phone chat free trials to slides and samples are from the general catalogue of the Department of Geology.

The location womn ordinates cited in the text after the slide numbers for each specimen refer to the stage of Reichert microscope. NoA reference slide with a located point is included in the slide collection. The specimens were photo- graphed using a Leitz Orthoplan peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck and a Leitz Orthophot camera body.

Composition and age of the microflora Most of the spores and pollen found in the Werillup samples can be referred to previously described species and these are listed in Table 1.

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However, there are some species that do not appear to have been previously described or are slightly different from existing species, and these are listed in Table 2. Unfortunately, peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck species are too rare to determine the signifi- cance of the differences: The microflora in Werillup No 17 was ex- tracted from sediments that have been pre- viously placed in the Upper Eocene Werillup Formation Cockbain The sediments appear to be no younger than this, as the following species see Table 1 are restricted Table 1 List of 'previously described species found in Werillup No.

Ranges shown are those given in the literature for the species in southern Australia sexi chat cubana New Zealand. Valvac ipol I is diversus. Vicrocachryiditcs antarct icus.

Vyrtaceidi tcs cucalyptoidcs il. Bombacacidites sp.