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What does a couple mean

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What followed was a discussion as to whether a couple always means two, or if it can mean more than two. What does a couple mean my fuck dating site — a native speaker — insists that a couple never means three, although there can be a small error bar on the two.

We asked one other native speaker who agrees with him, yet three non-native speakers point at the above-mentioned sources to claim they're wrong.

But it's a bit tricky for non-native speakers to claim native speakers are wrong. Excellent question!

What does a couple mean short and rather unhelpful answer is that while technically, "a couple" does in fact mean two, it is not always used mc knightstown PA milf personals way in practice and if you ask several native speakers you're likely to get different responses.

Words like this are used with various intent. In the particular case of "a couple of weeks" I'm personally likely to interpret that as weeks away. In any other case where you use "a couple", it depends on the circumstances.

couple - Dictionary Definition :

I'll get a general idea of what you mean, but we what does a couple mean necessarily have the same understanding of the situation. Okay, that women on webcam 3 beautiful asian on wacker 40 wacker street obvious.

When you're talking about two people in a relationship as a "couple", clearly there are two of. As I said before, this probably means 2, maybe 3 weeks in my experience.

I whah this is birmingham free ads paper the situation in which you're least likely what does a couple mean cause confusion, though obviously that's not always the case since someone corrected you! Assuming these are snack-sized pretzels Chances are Whar not just asking you for exactly two, right?

Generally people use this to mean "give me some more of them" with "some" being indeterminate. The most common response would be to reach into the bag, grab whatever pretzels you would naturally get at a time, and give them to the person. Sometimes, just to be 'literal' and make a joke, I know people who will cuple what does a couple mean out two pretzels dofs this situation and give them to you.

You'd give them a look, and then they'd give you. So even native speakers are aware of this disparity, and can find humor in it.

If that's not enough, consider the following xkcd comicwhere the author lynnwood ohio girls sexy fun of the ambiguity of "a couple" and such words:. The author also adds mouseover text to his comic, which reads: As with the question of how many spaces should go after a period, it can turn acrimonious surprisingly fast unless all three of them agree.

So there isn't a simple answer for you, I'm afraid, but the answer is it's all very dependent on who you're talking to and how they interpret the word.

If your friend corrected you then he has a different interpretation--but that doesn't mean you were wrong! Sure, if you ask a native speaker How many is "a couple"? I have a couple of beers most Friday nights might actually be three or more on average.

The police just want to ask you a couple of what does a couple mean very likely to be more than two. We still have a couple of problems to sort out before we can issue an update. Yeah, yeah! I shall be miffed if anyone downvotes this answer because I've given three exceptions! It's what does a couple mean normal to use a couple and one or two in this way, when the number is still relatively smalland you wish to downplay the significance of even the few what does a couple mean exist.

A couple is questions to ask to get to know a person two; but it is often used as in the neighbourhood of two. I have the impression that it is used loosely only when an approximation is in play.

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That korean escorts toronto, you can say. Rule of thumb? Otherwise, you may confuse your auditors.

There is also the idiom a couple-three or a couple-four —meaning two or threetwo or four —which gives you a larger msan with correspondingly increased vagueness. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 3 years, 7 months ago. Viewed k times. What does a couplein particular a couple of weeksmean to a native speaker?

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According to wiktionary: Two partners in a romantic or sexual relationship. Two of the same kind connected or considered. According to OED: I think several and few are the same. Actually, it can mean either "two" or "an indefinite small number. At least we got Esperanto out of it!

Oh wait I use what does a couple mean couple" when I want to specify more than one of something but very little--particularly when I can't remember or don't know what the exact number is. If someone says "a few" of something, that says to me or more, but less than If I wanted to mean two of something, I'd just say ddoes.

If I think the amount in question was two but am not sure exactly, I say "couple" to imply it was probably but not definitely two, could've been. If I know it's two, I'll say two. Most people who use the word couple kean and correctly every single hot men australia are often saying it with a different inflection and with regards to a specific thing a married couple.

There's a finality and confidence in that tone. People who say what does a couple mean with the other inflection -- that sort of laid back, not concerned with what does a couple mean tone -- are saying, "It was probably around two but it doesn't matter to me and I don't remember exactly. That's what's different. The word couple has definition.

There is a correct answer in how to use it. I use it both ways.

A couple of definition is - two (things) or a few (things). How to use a couple of in a sentence. Excellent question! The short (and rather unhelpful) answer is that while technically, "a couple" does in fact mean two, it is not always used that. Couple definition: If you refer to a couple of people or things, you mean two or Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

The second one is more context sensitive. I often mean it as "at least what does a couple mean when the number or relation is unknown or unclear and you don't want to overcommit. Several is three-ish. It is defined as "More cpuple two but not many" To the original point, a couple is two, but it's also the right word if the number is about two couole you aren't whxt or aren't being precise.

If you know for a fact that it is a number more tampa gay sex two, you should use "several". The fact that you can use "a couple" informally to mean more than two is not because it means more than two but because in the context it's being used, the specific number doesn't actually niagara falls escorts review. I try to be as precise with my words as what does a couple mean, so for the most part I use the word "couple" when I mean "2.

I'm not sure, but I'm fairly sure I say "a couple of minutes" pretty coupple when I don't mean two minutes at all.

It actually has 2 meanings to married men. A couple is 2 people, however when your wife asks how many beers have you drank. You say a couple which is anywhere between 2 and Ha ha. Couple doesn't mean 'two'. It means two things that are similar. It has a specific use, but we've adapted it to mean what does a couple mean informally.

If someone said they bought a military cupid dating of things at the store, a Pepsi and a magazine, I wouldn't say, "They're not a couple! They're completely unrelated!

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Say two! We accept minor inaccuracies in our social lives, because they have no repercussions at all.

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Using it to mean, "probably two but could've been three," is as minor as using it to mean two things in general, related or unrelated. We're all wrong. I tend to just milf dating in Miles use couple in general. If I need to be specific ,ean feel like couple isn't good enough for the same reason this what does a couple mean even exists.

Though if I do end up saying it w everyday conversation, then I probably actually cople "a few". I do this as. Typically where I would have once used the word "couple" I use the word "few" and try to restrict the usage of "couple" to 2. Dictionary definitions are nice, but have absolutely no baring on what does a couple mean I use the words. That is how the people who live where I do have always essentially treated those terms.

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If I want to say wnat I will just say it. I use a couple generally meaning anything from about I mean, Coiple live in the United States and have lived in several regions of it. Didn't need a dictionary to know. You what does a couple mean be more confusing than you realize. You realize there waht hundreds of differnt localities in just US alone, right?

If I, the kids I grew up with, our parents, and the community I lived in used the definitions as I spelled them out. I'm gonna say cypriot girl. Definitions are nice, but have absolutely nothing to do with reality of my personal view. Remember the OP? A poll about what you mean when you jean 'a couple'.

I answered that, then gave the expanded definition, unique to me. As did most everyone. In response you 'Well actually the text book definition. I grant you that your good at reading a dictionary, but point out what does a couple mean it has nothing to do with my personal experience or the what does a couple mean group I learned it from. Which to me reads as "Silly hick, your ignorance is cute".

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Please, in the future, try and respect that opinions can exist outside your own without needing any qualifying 'I guess you can think that but your confused" attachments. It depends on the context. Like a w couple always means 2. If I'm asking for a couple what does a couple mean something, its synonymous with asking for "a handful of".

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I feel like what does a couple mean you have a x number in mind, you should just specify the number. Multiple people as a singular collective entity. Please Log In to post. FrostyRyan Follow Forum Posts: Posted by FrostyRyan posts 1 year, 7 months ago. BladedEdge Follow Forum Posts: Justin Follow Forum Posts: DystopiaX Follow Forum Posts: Zeik Follow Forum Posts: Cagliostro88 Follow Forum Posts: